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The charge for each copy of a "Certified Death Certificate" is $20, We will obtain them on your behalf for an additional $5 per certificate. ( total of $25 each certified copy)  

Maricopa County:

Please allow two weeks from the date of death before applying for certified copies of the death certificate, to ensure the original death certificate has been received by the county health department and processed into there system.

One free copy of the certified death certificate will be provided  to only a spouse by the state for social security purposes Social security's telephone number is 1-800-772-1213

One free copy of the certified death certificate will be provided  to only the spouse by the state for the veterans administration if the decedent served in the armed forces.

The telephone number for families who want to inquire the status of records at the Maricopa county office of vital registration is (602) 506-6805

By Mail:

​Mail completed application along with:

​-A copy of a valid government picture ID and Proof of relationship to the deceased.

​-A valid government picture ID must be provided by the person signing: otherwise the application may be notarized.    Check payable to: Maricopa County Office of vital Registration.

Maricopa County Office of Vital Registration

​P.O. Box 2111  Phoenix, Arizona 85001

In Person Application:

​Completed Application, Valid Government Picture ID, Check or Credit/Debit Card

3221 North 16th Street           3003 West Thomas Road          1850 N. 95th Ave

​Suite #100                           Suite 200B                               Suite 182

​Phoenix, Arizona 85016         Phoenix, Arizona 85017             Phoenix, Az 85037


 8:00am-4:30pm  602-506-6805 for all locations