Family Owned and Operated

Cremation Prices, All-Inclusive

The above prices include EVERYTHING needed except for death certificates witch  can be obtained for $25 each certified copy.

(If your loved one is over 280 pounds, our crematory has an additional charge of $355, totaling $918.15 for direct cremation)

Included in these All-Inclusive Prices Are:

Removal from place of death, minimum container required for cremation($50) sales tax of 6.3%, the medical examiners permit fee of $15,a simple black plastic urn, the filing of the death certificate, and notification of Social Security. 


for any information


  2. Cremation, Private Viewing                    $783.15 

1. Direct Cremation                                    $563.15


3. Cremation, Memorial Service                  $1518.15

4. Traditional Service followed w/cremation $2812.60

5. Traditional Burial       $2850  Plus Casket, includes Viewing and services at church or funeral home, Monday-Friday, all in one day

​Weekends are an additional $200


Transfer of deceased from place of death to funeral home                    $350.00

Hearse                                                                                          $350.00

Flower Car                                                                                    $150.00

Service/Utility Vehicle                                                                    $95.00

Funeral Procession Motor Escorts                                                       $400.00

Transfer to and from Airport                                                            $150.00

 *Note* All transportation mileage beyond 30 miles will be charged at $2.75 per mile